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Leather Journals

A tradition handed down to me from my family, journal binding reminds me of the many creative moments shared with my mother and where Intuitive Goods all began.

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Answers to your Questions!

How is sustainability integrated?

Not only are all packing materials and shipping methods Eco-conscious, but the leather used in each journal is either reclaimed, repurposed, or salvaged!

Plus, Paper is either handmade, Fairtrade, or from responsibly managed forests!


Can I replace pages / have pages replaced?

Yes! Of course!
At the moment I am working on a DIY replacement page tutorial which should be coming out soon;
in the meantime however, you may send me your journal (with pages cut out) and I will replace them with the new pages of your choice!
- Please feel free to write me an E-Mail or contact me through Instagram for more information!

Are customs available?

I'm always happy to discuss custom journal wishes! Just shoot me an E-Mail or write me on Instagram and i’ll see what I can do!

Where can I find DIY boxes or Workshops?

DIY Journal boxes and Workshops are in the making! To get more information on them, visit the DIY/ Workshop page, all future Workshop dates and sign-up form will be there!

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